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Hello to all the beautiful woman on this site it is kind of hard to write about your self but I well give it a try I am looking for a serious relationship that neshallah it well lead to marriage I am from lebanon but I live in the United states I am divorced for the last three years I am not looking to see how many women I can get on my profile and I am not looking to date any one if that was the case I wouldnt be talking to woman that live in a nother country lol I am sure there is plenti of woman around here no I am looking for a life partner that I can love and she love me back and that I can trust and her trust me backall so you would have to live in the United states write me back so we can talk
عن شريك الحياه
I dont think I can describe what a perfect woman looks like becouse all woman are not a like each one is different in her own way and let me tell that beauty is not every thing so the only thing I would like in a woman is a woman with a good personality if you ask me I think the sexiest woman is a woman with a smile on her face so keep on smiling ladies that is what makes you beautiful
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حمزة محمد

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