simo abidi

simo abidi

غير متواجد
غير متواجد

28 سنه
العمر 28
دولة الاقامه المغرب
المدينة أخري
الجنسيه مغربى / مغربية
أخر تواجد منذ 11 شهر 3 اسبوع
لون البشرة ابيض
لون العين أسود
لون الشعر أسود
بنية الجسم قوام رياضى
الوزن (كجم) 50
الطول (سم) 185
الوضع الاجتماعي
الحالة الاجتماعية اعزب
عدد الأولاد 0
أتريد أولاد نعم
المؤهل التعليمي دراسة ثانوية
الوضع المادي متوسط
مجال العمل بدون عمل حاليا
التدين متدين قليلا
الصلاة اصلى اغلب الاوقات
التدخين لا ادخن
اللحية ملتحي
المواصفات المطلوبه
بلد الاقامه النمسا
الجنسية نمساوى / نمساوية
العمر 18 - 45
الوزن (كجم) 40 - 91
الطول (سم) 129 - 196
من انا
My love I wanted to write to you I trembled my hands and my pen and what I do and how I describe you and what I say to you and tremble my heart of feelings if I had to fill the earth love and love I do not know how to start I tell you my feelings for you or I told you about my nostalgia to see your eyes ... Or tell you about my ears To hear your voice, did the birds tell you about the volcano of my love and your confusion and confusion about the depths of the deep .... I love you a word if I said to break the vast distances and the distant seas and flew over the stars in search of you ... I love you then you smile and you are the most beautiful Mafi and my presence You are the joy of my eyes and you sweeter Mafi Omri .... All the old you laughed that do not come out of the heart but your vision, the heart Which I have owned and raised on his throne undisputedly, I wished to give you my age and how to give you my matriarch You are my love and happiness and you are shelter and you are the beach on which the ship of my heart is anchored Spring came my beloved and you are far not flowering my heart and did not flatter his mattress above the flowers because they looked for you I did not feel the smell of spring without you I felt that I was in a world without air or water Land is desolate desolate of roses and basil ah Ahabibi If you know how much I miss you The eyes of the universe and I may tire I have sat down in my sleep, and my heart is filled with sorrow I saw the stars and told her that I love you more than the number and more Where are you and where our beautiful moments that we were stolen from time Time was passing quickly when we are together Now now the time kills me and seconds pass slowly Burn my heart and my nerves ended Spring and summer came and then ended and returned autumn And carried with me crazy Which is similar to his sad days and then returned to winter, but this year was dark gloomy ... Winter, which I rejoice so much but this winter was not with me to rejoice together, take me memories I hear your voice calling me to see drops of water falling behind the windows this winter bore with bitterness and sadness and groans Tearing the heart ... You h Me and my happiness when I see you want in your marriage because I love Mohammed from Morocco age 28 years old i love you love you love you so much and God
عن شريك الحياه
How to be with love only
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